Emotional reasoning!

Why was z0rZ created?

I needed a static site generator, and a random program to teach myself Go, and hade a spare domain laying around.

No, really, that's the whole story.

So why not use and existing static site generator?

How would that teach me Go in any way?

I mean, I could probably pick up one of the existing static site generators written in Go, but it would be months before I could make any meaningful contributions, which negates half the purpose. I'd basically be left looking for a project to learn Go basics so that I could eventually do the thing I originally set out to do. I'm silly, but I'm not that silly!

Uh, okay, but why does it look like this?

You mean the terminal look? Because it's cool.

© 2021 Fredrik Vold - Published 2021-07-27 - Edited 2021-11-05